Jenna Tedesco, Psy.D.

aka: Dr. Jenna


I believe that our overarching purpose is finding meaning in life; in learning with open-hearted curiosity. To our universal regret, many of these lessions come with suffering. I invite you to consider how the lessons of your own suffering might contribute to cultivation of empathy, engendering greater compassion not just for others, but for you too. For who else deserves your love and kindness if not you, after taking care of yourself for these years of your life?. My life's work is dedicated to helping people (even myself) to find meaning in seeming chaos; to hold both suffering and non-suffering, one in each balancing (sometimes undulating) hands.

Public Apperrances

1.The Gift

2 3/24/17

3. Dana's op ed

4. Fox 2007

5. VA Polytech 2004


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