“Drop by drop and the bucket is filled”

Our society is not conducive to healing. I am going to do my part to change that one client at a time.” – Colleen Master 

Colleen is a licensed massage therapist with a focus on trauma and the mind/body connection. Trauma can be stored in your body, even in your cells. Massage therapy and bodywork can help clear that out, this is known as somatic therapy. Have you been avoiding massage due to being uncomfortable with touch? Or due a hesitation of being unclothed in the presence of a stranger? These are understandable concerns and manageable. A number of modalities can be practiced fully clothed, including massage! A fully clothed chair or table massage, or a concentrated head or face massage can be a good place to start for certain trauma experiences. Colleen seeks to co-create a personalized program at each client’s pace. Colleen will meet you where you are in your therapeutic process and will work in harmony with any other therapists or practitioners you may have.

Colleen began her own healing journey in high school. She has experienced many forms of trauma with both BIG and little “T”s.  Understanding the biology of trauma and how it can impact every part of your being, including on a physical and cellular level, assists her to work with others from a place of compassion, empathy, and non-judgement. With an established set of practitioners that she sees regularly for self-care and therapy, she anchors more into herself. As she has healed herself, and found the healers that best support her, she joyously shares those gifts with others. Massage and somatic therapy, energy work, coaching and mindfulness practices are some of those gifts. She looks forward to helping you reconnect and heal yourself with much gratitude!

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