“Drop by drop and the bucket is filled”

Clinicians & Support

And this is where the Present Center for Mindfulness and Healing comes in.

Each one of our providers has a strong foundation in mindfulness and has their own dedicated mindfulness practice. We are also commited to helping other professionals develop and deepen their own practices, believing that the more skillfully providers are able to embody mindfulness, the better patients heal; and that is good for everyone.

Jenna Tedesco, Psy.D.

I believe that our overarching purpose is finding meaning in life; in learning with open-hearted curiosity. To our universal regret, many of these lessons come with suffering. I invite you to consider how the lessons of your own suffering might contribute to cultivation of empathy, engendering greater compassion not just for others, but for you too.

William (Bill) McCracken LCSW, ICADC, CMT-P

Through working together and building a working relationship, I partner with clients to bring about healing and a sense of well-being through mindfulness-based counseling. The emphasis during individual sessions is to learn the skills that empower you to live mindfully and accept the invitation to move toward greater balance, control and participation in your life.

Heather Klemanski

Heather Klemanski is a mindfulness & self-compassion facilitator, self-love advocate, and inspirational speaker known for her enthusiasm, kindness, and straight-forward nature.  Her passion is to connect people to their authentic joy and purpose to live freely. 

Genie Floyd

After a lifetime of practicing meditation and yoga off-and-on for years, I have been practicing Mindfulness meditation steadily for the last 4 years.  My current focus and interest are the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction meditation practices as outlined by Jon Kabat Zinn in his book ‘Full Catastrophe Living’.  

Guy M. Bilyou, CISSP (ISC)2

Guy has been working in IT and Cyber Security for over fifteen years in Department of Defense and “Big Data” in the financial sector. He holds the peer reviewed Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) from the prestigious International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2.

Colleen Master

Our society is not conducive to healing. I am going to do my part to change that one client at a time.” – Colleen Master 

Colleen is a licensed massage therapist with a focus on trauma and the mind/body connection. Trauma can be stored in your body, even in your cells. Massage therapy and bodywork can help clear that out, this is known as somatic therapy. Have you been avoiding massage due to being uncomfortable with touch? Or due a hesitation of being unclothed in the presence of a stranger? These are understandable concerns and manageable. A number of modalities can be practiced fully clothed, including massage! A fully clothed chair or table massage, or a concentrated head or face massage can be a good place to start for certain trauma experiences. Colleen seeks to co-create a personalized program at each client’s pace. Colleen will meet you where you are in your therapeutic process and will work in harmony with any other therapists or practitioners you may have.