William McCracken



William (Bill) McCracken, LCSW, ICADC, CMT-P  

Through working together and building a working relationship, I partner with clients to bring about healing and a sense of well-being through mindfulness-based counseling. The emphasis during individual sessions is to learn the skills that empower you to live mindfully and accept the invitation to move toward greater balance, control and participation in your life. The direction of therapy sessions is founded on the belief that each person has tremendous richness within themselves, that when called forth, can help each person find greater success and fulfillment. It does not take something dramatic or catastrophic in your life to experience difficulties and stress. Successfully managing life stressors includes learning mindfulness-based strategies to cultivate body mind and spirit, as well as the willingness to embark on the journey to find and realize your true and authentic self. 

Bill has been a therapist in mental health and substance abuse counseling for over 25 years. Bill utilizes many different theoretical approaches with special emphasis on mindfulness-based approaches. He is the founder of the Delaware Center for Mindfulness and practices in Delaware and Maryland. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and holds certification in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher - Professional.


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