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Deleware Changing Lives - See the video here



The Natasha Show on PrinctonTV

As seen on Comcast Channel 30 Princton

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Dr. Tedesco appeared on The Natasha Show aired on 9/4/18

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Dr. Tedesco introduced him to mindfulness based stress reduction. Allen calls it "transformative." He warns, however, that "it's not a magic pill," and "it doesn't happen overnight." It required practice what he calls "my full-on attention." Eventually, "I learned how to reshape my ability to manage some of the crappy things in life-as well as some of the good things,"

Read the full article HERE* - Can Mindfulness Save the Planet?

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March 3, 2017 - Social entrepreneur, fundraiser and public servant Sam Beard invited Dr. Jenna Tedesco to speak to an audience about the benefits of mindfulness meditation. Beard is working to help spread the practice of mindfulness meditation throughout Delaware, the nation and the world with the launch of GIFT.

Jennifer Tedesco stood in front of a room of about 200 guests, and asked them to stand up and do something she said Americans struggle to do - look around the room and look each other in the eye.

“Take a minute and really look at who’s in the room with you,” said Tedesco, a psychologist. “Look at these people, and understand deeply everyone wants the same stuff.”

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March 24, 2017 - Sam Beaard and Senator Coons speak out favoring support for Mindfulness and Veterans

scroll down to STORY: National Vietnam veterans memorial seeking help from Delaware

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On March 21, 2007 Dr. Jenna was on Fox 29 News. The segment was called Ask The Expert. The total time is 4 minutes. There are pictures of Behind The Scenes in the form of a movie. The total time is 1 minutes and 15 seconds

Dr. Jenna on Fox News

On April 19, 2004 Philadelphia University held a vigil for the students lost at Virginia Polytechnical Institute. Dr. Jenna Tedesco sang Amazing Grace. This is the video of her performance:

A Vigil of Rememberance - MP4WMV AVI MPG



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